About Us

Skilled Accountants Pty Ltd was conceived as Carruss Consultants in Northern South Australia in late 1995 by Russell Smith.

The businesses in the local area were canvassed and Carruss Consultants began to service these businesses. Russell also became involved in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) which was introduced by the Federal Government as a way of transitioning the unemployed into self employment. Lecturing and mentoring in NEIS gave Russell a basis for business coaching, and opportunities for growth of Carruss Consultants proved more alluring and achievable. Russell was engaged by a local tax agent to assist with the preparation of all types of tax returns.


In 1998 Russell decided to relocate to Melbourne. Essentially this meant a fresh start, having no existing clients in Melbourne but continued to offer services to some clients in South Australia.  The idea of providing a service to fill the gaps between bookkeeper and tax accountant was successful, but the business was now faced with the challenge of making itself known again.

Skilled Accountants P/L took over from Carruss Consultants in October 2000 and has since developed into a boutique accounting service that focuses on small business. The idea of voiding the gap between a bookkeeper and tax accountant is as successful today as it was back when the business started, the difference now is that Skilled Accountants Pty Ltd can provide the complete range of services or specific parts from data entry through to tax return preparation. For example, you may want only require payroll services, or someone to fill in while your accountant or bookkeeper is on leave. Skilled Accountants P/L can provide any service within the range.